Photoshop Fraudulence

From Instagram to magazines, society is drowning in photoshopped images. We seem to just expect it nowadays. It has become so common to see average pictures, selfies, or photos of people turn into edited images of distorted reality. What used to be a technique for models and celebrities to become superhuman, has spilled into the public through advances in technology. In incredible numbers, young ladies and women are editing their pictures, turning the beautiful truth of their bodies, into deceitful lies of impossibility. A woman can look completely different in a matter of minutes, and this accessibility is allowing women to envision themselves with the “picture perfect” face and body.




This desire for an impossible “perfection” becomes the root of a much larger, deeper issue.

Photoshopping the women in ads into porcelain dolls only further promotes the notion that beauty only comes in one size and one look. The fashion industry, editing nearly all of the images released to the public, makes women feel like they need to be that thin, that tall, that poreless, that overall flawless. Its destroying the self esteem of so many young women and leaves a message that is so contrary to body positivity that it makes it difficult for women – and especially young girls coming into their own – to see their photos as beautiful without editing them.



Although photoshopped images have been increasingly more popular and drastic, the offensive that so many women have been taking to these unrealistic images, has fueled so the beginning of some very heated blogs, vlogs, articles, and various social media posts. Women are empowering themselves and taking to social media to voice their rejection toward the intense altering of a woman’s natural beauty in the media and in the average woman’s photos.

Other women have taken to social media and popular websites to show that being photoshopped is not at pleasing as you would think. In a Huffington Post article, 5 women were photoshopped and their reactions were documented. Overwhelmingly, these women were actually a bit uncomfortable by the results; barely able to recognize themselves they expressed how lifeless these “perfect” versions of themselves became. Aerie, a young women’s lingerie company, has fired back at the hoards of photoshopped ads with an ad campaign of women who’s faces and bodies are completely unretouched. Even some celebrities are taking to social media, to recognize how ridiculous the photoshopping that has been to their ads can be!

Seeing how many negative responses have been put out and spread simply over social media,  and how that can cause a change in the media and the fashion industry, it really gives me some hope in the progress of women empowering themselves and making their voices heard in the media.

Hopefully, others will recognize this as well and go beyond just photoshopping, get to the root of the problem, and take back the natural, real beauty of women that was once portrayed in the media.




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