My makeup is doing WHAT to my health?!


Girls & The Beauty IndustryJulia M-2While exploring what horrific crimes the Beauty industry commits against the self esteem and confidence of girls, I found out some other horrific facts related to the beauty industry. Like…. the chemicals that make my “all natural” foundation aren’t that natural at all and can lead to all sorts of different cancers? Or that the brushes I use to apply my makeup are terrible for my pores? Or that the generic brand makeup remover wipes I use, are tested on animals? Come on society, let’s fuck up our lives a little bit more. So while I am still concerned about the mental effects of the cosmetic industry, I’m more concerned about the physical effects.

So while the beauty industry plasters their products on the faces of people who have low self esteem and diminishing confidence, those products are ruining their bodies. I’m well aware of anti-animal testing ads, they are all over the place…Lush Cosmetics with their over dramatic ads, about people taking the place of animals. Over dramatic but they work. That is the only company I can think of that publishes their anti-animal testing work. While researching youtube videos about my central idea of the mental effect of the beauty industry, I came across this video and it changed everything.

The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry

I have so many questions. Why is it okay for companies to use toxins that are
known to lead to cancer? Why is it PETA-Living-beauty-brands-still-test-v031okay for these products to be on the sensitive skin of 10 year olds? All it took was a simple google search to scare myself senseless. Suddenly it dawned on me why this seems so familiar. I was always taught not to buy anything in the grocery store that has ingredients you can’t read. Why should it be any different with things I use everyday? Let alone, products I put on my face!!!

After finding out that every cosmetic in my personal cosmetic bag either tests on animals picresized_1351518134_freedom_animals_1or uses chemicals which can lead to serious health problems, I am suddenly makeup-less. The ironic part about this is that I feel less confident without my powder or mascara. Which was the whole point of my blog, to explore how the beauty industry negatively effects self confidence and self esteem. My focus has changed. I’m not out to get the animal testers, PETA is working on that. I’m out to keep toxins that don’t belong on my face, away from my face.






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