Just Listen.

As women of this blog we set out to get the message across to all: equality is for all. The entertainment industry neglects to see this equality through pay, sexualization, campaigns, fashion, and music. Everything we speak about is to educate people on the inequality of this industry and what we can do to make solid change. What would it be like if models could edit their own photos for campaigns? What if radio stations were made public to all singers and musicians? The possibilities are endless it is up to us to raise our voices.

We are constantly being bombarded with images of beautiful, skinny, tall, women in advertisements. This is what we are told is beautiful and the way that we should look for a happy, successful, and fulfilling life. In reality most women do not look like the women we see in these ads, not even the actual models. Images are filtered and photoshopped causing literal unreachable standards. Celebrities in all industries strive to out sexualize one another to gain followers on social media platforms. Talent is a concept of the past and one lands a record deal based on the amount of followers and sex appeal they exert


From day one Americans are bombarded with sexual imagery from the entertainment industries, and we need to ask ourselves what kind of sex is selling? Commercialized ‘sex’ sells more of an idea than products. It sells an attitude about gender and sexuality. It sells false representations of what sex is. In short, it sells power, a social arrangement in which men always hold the upper hand.We need a sex education system that will undermine the power of the entertainment industries, where these images and stories that they are portraying about sex currently hold great power and is detrimental to the youth’s sexual development. The music industry is profiting more off of sex with songs becoming more vulgar every year. Even singers such as Taylor Swift are showing more skin and singing about more sexual references. It is ultimately what women feel they need to do to be noticed in the industry. 


Case and point to be more democratic in this industry regarding women we need to come up with solutions. Models being able to edit their own photos or create their own campaigns. It should not be about how many followers but your talent. Public radio stations and labels allowing the people to pick what music they like instead of having the top 40 shoved down our throats. Raising awareness in school systems about the images of sex and the reality of sex in the media.



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