The Power of Social Media

For two years Kesha fought for her right to leave Sony and be free of producer Dr. Luke. On February 19, 2016 a female judge in New York City ruled that Kesha would not be able to leave her six album contract with Sony and would still have to work with the man she stated raped and drugged her throughout the years of working together. Social media was sent into a frenzy with various celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato using the power of social media to get their opinions on this case across to the world. The power of social media in our democratic society is undeniable. Where is the democracy in the fact that a court has to decide if a woman was raped or not? Kesha’s bravery prevailed to the nation.


Using videos as a means of getting a message across is the new way to get democracy back in this country. Kesha received praise from the world through platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook with pages and tweets being sent to her and about her for everyone to see. Since Kesha was denied democracy in the courtroom people wanted to use social media as a way to get justice. Lady Gaga voiced her opinion on the matter with various tweets and publicly speaking to media outlets about the disgrace of society today. Lady Gaga went through a traumatic incident as a rape victim and used her music to spend awareness about these issues. The media advertised Kesha’s case as a woman crying wolf and through various social media platforms women were able to stand up and admit they were victims of rape and sexual assault. Her bravery showed women that they can stand up for themselves although society tells them not to.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 1.00.31 PM

Demi Lovato used Twitter to spread her views about the Kesha case. She is a figure that has fans who will listen to her. The idea of her using Twitter to spread her opinions got her voice across to millions of fans who then spread their own message. Taylor Swift more discreetly used the media to write Kesha a 250,000 dollar check for her legal fees. These women of power are using social media to spread power.

Artists are using their voices to stand up for themselves in a society where they feel as if they can not speak out about emotional and physical abuse. Lady Gaga wrote the song “Til it Happens to You” regarding her experience of rape and rape on college campuses.

Rihanna and Eminem in their 2010 collaboration of “Love the Way you Lie” depicts their experiences with abusive relationships. When Chris Brown beat Rihanna for the world to see it took her a long time to speak about the experience. She put her views and feelings on what had happened into music.

Music videos are a way for artists to spread awareness about messages they feel strongly about. It is an art form that they know people can relate to and with the internet can go viral. In my own music video I use my music to spread awareness about mental health issues to have my voice be heard. Democracy is being put forth through music and social media as a way for women to get their points across to society. This is true in society today until it happens to you then you will not know how it feels. It is up to the women of the industry to stand together and spread positive messages to the public. Twitter and music are used as a way for us to have our voices heard for the common good of our beliefs and opinions.



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